Amina Martucci is a London Based knitwear designer, Born on August 22nd, 1990, in a small town called Colchester. Amina Martucci studied at Ravensbourne College doing a degree in fashion knitwear graduating in 2012. Amina creates modern innovative knitwear, subverting traditional techniques, silhouettes and forms. Known for creating timelessly unique pieces with a characteristically playful appeal, Her strong fashion sense and charming idiosyncratic attitude to life are mirrored in every one of her designs. Amina has worked on collaborations and has been featured on online magazines such as AFRO PUNK and online music video/film such as Ouroboros.
Her latest A/W 13 Collection released in June 2012 'Strange Fruit'. Her initial research is inspired by three concepts Rorschach test, African culture and slavery. The concepts link together looking into the damaging psychological effects of slavery and how it affected people mentally, but also celebrates the abolition of slavery.
KNITTED JUMPER//RORSCHACH TEST //AMINA MARTUCCI STRANGE FRUIT AW/13 · #amina #martucci #knit #wear #aw/13 #textiles #strange #fruit #knitting #new #collection


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